EYDE Energy Park


Industrial park in Agder


Eyde energy park is a plot of land, which is part of “Agderparken Øst” in Arendal. Parts of the site are already regulated to accommodate new industries with a need for proximity to infrastructure such as Electricity, port, airports and roads. The plot is centrally located near the new Longum junction at E18, and extends along E18. The plot is close to the nature and provides good opportunities for employees and visitors at the factory.


The total plot is 222 acres. About 67 acres is already regulated for business purposes. Of the 67 acres, approx. 24 acres is planned and today appears ready for construction.


In December 2020, Morrow Batteries decided to establish its giga factory at Eyde energy park to produce world class sustainable batteries for transportation usage. Regulation, preparation of land and construction of a factory are planned to be completed in the years 2021 – 2024. Morrow plans to begin producing batteries from 2024. In total, there will be between 2000 and 2500 jobs at the giga factory. This in turn will create great opportunities for adjacent industries.


Our vision is that the energy park will be one of Norway’s leading industrial areas for modern blue-green industries in the years to come.


Do you want to know more?  Contact the business department in Arendal Municipality.

Arendal municipality has a responsibility in facilitating development and growth. By facilitating a new industry, Arendal municipality becomes attractive, creates new opportunities and attracts skilled residents and jobs. 

Morrow Batteries is establishing in Arendal with a giga factory for the development and production of batteries. A main goal for the factory to produce “The most sustainable batteries in the world”. 

Arendal chamber of commerce has registered massive support from its members, and there is a great commitment around the new battery factory. A united business community welcomes Morrow, and that wants to contribute to this establishment being as good as possible.